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Gone: 1 double glazed, wooden framed windows

Mrs P

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These are from our kitchen but are in good condition and could be reused (would need repainting, particularly the outside). One (the biggest) is already out and ready to be collected, the other two should be out on Monday (29th June). They are 3 different sizes - if you are interested I will send you the dimensions (don't have them with me at the moment).

They are made to look like sash windows but aren't - the top section of each one opens outwards. The windows are lockable and we have the keys to give you.

Looking for ?40 - ?75 depending on the size but open to offers.

Collection only, near the Great Exhibition pub.

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Largest window 1195mm wide, 1045mm high (?75) available now

Middle window 910mm wide 1060mm high (?60) available now

Smallest window - still in the wall - dimensions to follow when available!

Viewing welcome, open to offers.

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