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Dulwich Park Chidren's Playground Incident

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Please be extra vigilent around the children's playground in Dulwich Park. Yesterday at around 12.15pm I witnessed a schoolboy masterbating close to the railings that seperates the children's playground from the surrounding bushes/trees. I didn't get too close a look but can give you the following description:

Aged approx 13/14, white, medium height, slim build, very short dark hair, wearing navy blue jumper and trousers, white shirt.

He ran off as soon as I shouted to him to clear off and I think he was on his own. I reported the incident to the community warden who said that this was the second report they'd had.

Please keep your eyes peeled.


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yes, I'll second that

(frowns at self for getting ever so slightly but not very involved in ridiculous debate over there)

being very new to the forum (having been sent off with flea in ear about a year ago for misreading rules of song game) I didn't really think too hard about where I posted the info. Of course in hindsight the family section is where I should have gone to straight away. Doh!

It's things like this that stop people "speaking up", esp when some people post comments such as wow wee boy bangs one off in bushes big deal, or words to that effect.

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Try not to take it to heart Angel Delite, some people just have nothing better to do. We're a friendly bunch here in the family room :)

p.s... I've never been brave enough to take on the song game, so I take my hat off to you for even trying!

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I just can't believe how vilifield we (parents) are as a group by some of the people in the main room. I just don't understand the need to be so unpleasant about other human beings. By all means have an opinion, voice it even, but some of the posts are just plain nasty and/or agressive. Some of the comments about breast feeding etc. make me wonder if we are supposed to sit at home and hide ourselves away for the first few years. It is hard to believe some of these people were ever children themselves.

I think maybe I need to go back to not looking at the posts in the main area.....


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