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The New Statesman answers back


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi all

LOL what a reactionary and provocative item!

I have to say that I have SOME sympathy with his thoughts regarding the actual buggies. (Not the mothers or fathers).

Walking along the east dulwich pavements and meeting a 4x4, rib tyred, super sprung, all terrain, heavy duty, commando buggy (with one, or two, perplexed looking tiny tots buried deep in their thick defensive walls) coming in the opposite direction, is an intimidating experience. Total protective "overkill".

I have a suspicion that owners of such prams either already own a 4x4 Chelsea tank, or wish that they did.

My own experience of child raising and prams, involved the designs of 20 years ago; lightweight, foldaway things that could almost be thrown carelessly into the umbrella stand when you got home.

I am looking forward to winter and the first snowfall; then we can all gleefully spectate as the 4 x 4 owners who can't actually drive them very well, go for a slide; and the monster buggies slide all over the pavement, dragging their "parent" owners, and the chuckling kids within them.

Hey, I turning into Victor Meldrew........


rn gutsell

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