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Admissions cheats (post removed)

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When I first read this thread I thought it might be a request from Southwark Council. But having read it through again I didn't think somehow the council would use such legally challenging terminology as 'stealing'.

Like other parents facing the worrying and completely nerve-jangling prospect of securing a school place, I too abhor people who use underhand tactics to gain places for their children. Personally, however, I think it is the full responsibility of Southwark Council to 'vet' who is / isn't playing the system fairly (from the outset of an application), rather than the role of an anonymous vigilante calling for action on the EDF.

It's probably just me, but I do find the incognito / cloak and dagger nature of this thread (setting up the handle 'edadmissions' - no history) just a little sinister.

Honestly, has our desperation to getting our children into local schools really stooped to such a low level as this thread? If so, how very sad it has all come to this.

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