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Disposal of unwanted/broken electrical items?


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I'm moving home and have a broken printer and digibox that I don't want to just heave onto a tip. Is there anywhere locally where you can responsibly get rid of unwanted or broken electrical items? Or batteries come to think of it. Or paint?

Advice would be appreciated,



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Southwark Council recycling tip off the Walworth Road has place for batteries and paint and I think electrical items.

Can't remember the road name but it's on the left as you go towards the Elephant, just past East Street (on the right) I think.

You could phone their environmental services section 020 7525 2000.

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You can apparently recycle batteries at any library - Dulwich and Grove Vale both definitely have this facility.

I know you're not specifically asking but printer cartridges can be recycled in the shop located in the church right near the top end of Barry Road, near the corner opposite Dulwich Library and The Plough, just behind the florist (sorry, I can't remember the name.

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