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Lord Haw Haw


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On the southwark website it says:

"Like most of South London, Dulwich was hit by the bombing raids of World War Two with many civilians killed, and properties destroyed. Ironically one of the houses that was destroyed was once inhabited by the infamous Lord Haw Haw. During the war Dulwich was used as a training base by the Dutch government in exile to train agents before their return to the Netherlands."

but any mention of arrests happened on the Danish borders

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I believe there was some dispute as to whether Mr Joyce could actually be convicted for treason as he was of American birth (or something like that). Fat lot of good that did him. I think the Crown's argument was that he had claimed British citizenship or protection and that was good enough.

Reminds me of Eamon de Valera, the Irish statesman, who escaped execution after the Easter Rising on similar gounds of claiming American origins. Didn't stop hjim becoming President and Prime Minister of Ireland any amount of times.

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