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Grand Union ? Used to be the Grove


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Hey look I?m starting a thread and it may even be of some interest people.

Did you know that the Grove on Camberwell Grove has been taken over by the Grand Union chain of pubs? I certainly didn?t until yesterday afternoon when I walked past and went in for lunch.

There is a Grand Union in Brixton on Acre Lane where the Hope and Anchor used to be. I went in there a few times in the summer to meet friends after skating. The food and selection of Youngs beers is good but because of it?s proximity to fuck %ham it was always beset with hordes of estate agents and marketing managers* being generally rude and trying but failing to look cool in their weekend clobber.

Anyway the one in Camberwell is decorated the same as their other places, sort of your nan?s front room meets a baroque cathedral. Chicks tend to dig that sort of thing. It also has the same menu, basically just hamburgers of all descriptions.

Like I said I had lunch there yesterday and it was one of the best hamburgers I?ve had in a while. This alone makes it worth a visit because a pub that consistently makes decent hamburgers is hard to find around here.

I didn?t have any beer as it was the middle of the day but the diet cola seemed to be well kept and was served at the appropriate temperature.

*Leave my prejudices alone. They?re endearing.

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