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ED Labour action team leaflet


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Hi all,

I've just got home and read the leaflet Tessa Jowell et al has just dropped through my letter box. Now, is it just me or are they missing the point. Their 'priorities' put providing more recycling bins ABOVE housing, crime, commerce. What a toothless campaign Tessa leads. Oh, but wait, she's going to 'help local shopping areas such as Lordship Lane' What, from not putting parking meters in? My hero! You, my saviour, will spare us from the madness.

No doubt I'll get other leaflets through from the others and I'll be just as scathing.

Come on! someone must be able to do better than this?

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The other thing about Labour's strategy is Peter fooking Mandleson. The Labour Party have obviously - and I guess rightly, decided Gordon is an electoral disaster so he's off the radar and sooo the de facto face of governemnt, Mandleson. Firstly he's not an elected member of the Parliament which makes me uncomfortable and though I suspect he is genuinely dynamic, gets thing's going etc the Laboour party have forgeten *coughs and waves* us lot, you know the electorate who by and large MISTRUST HIM.

Still, don't get me started on the tories...at one stage some evidence of some new and diffrent thinking, then a whiff of victory and Stum, no-one saying anythting about anything in case they arse it up...and guess what, they have, Europe and on the other side Cameron's tongue ever nearer Murdoch Jnrs ring.

I think i'm going to vote for that lot no-one knows any of their policies - is David Owen still their top man?

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Somebody told me the Tories are actually in power in this area - is this true? Like Barry Rhode I have never heard from them - quite a few leaflets from Lib Dems, some stuff from Labour. Actual people? No.

Would vote for Green or a properly local independent - does such a candidate exist in ED/Peckham Rye?

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The Lib-dem lady called and gave me a leaflet she said are you Steve T and I agreed as soon as she told me who she represented and my eyes rolled upwards in disgust.

She asked if I had anything against her party I explained it was nothing personal I was against politicians left right and centre equally.

She smiled and said thank you very much to persue some other cave dweller who had no idea what politicians were responsible for.

Had she been less amenable I would have given her a tongue lashing, but she was young, innocent, and attractive, which is the most positive thing I have said of anyone connected with politics for some years.

I could never vote for that untrustworthy slippery eel, Man D.

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