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    • Hopefully an upbeat thread - there's a lot of negativity about cyclists but do share your positive views and stories. I was asked about the stats on cycleways - I wouldn't normally post anything from the Mail but the first 3/4 of this article are very positive: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13163631/Londons-cycle-lanes-QUADRUPLED-Sadiq-Khan.html And nice infographics.  Total length of cycleways are 360 km a small fraction of the London road network, Johnson went for the grandiose cycle superhighways with some road space lost to segregated cycle lanes (not a lot in total length but these are the schemes often referred to by those less happy) From my experience Khan's new routes have tended to link up quiet roads, that were often already closed to through traffic, with the occasional shared off road section such as around Millwall FC. There's a family cycleride along the newly completed  Cycleway 4 next Sunday https://lcc.org.uk/events/lll-cycleway4/   huge cycles, penny farthings and reverse pedaling bikes are not compulsory!  
    • It was a little militant when it started 30 years ago but morphed quickly into a celebration of cycling.  Very much a rebel but not sure of its cause at the beginning.  I'm putting up a separate thread on the joy of cycling as this one is to discuss ULEZ, although it feels like it's all been said.
    • I intended to answer this before but keep getting sidetracked.   Critical mass has been going 30 years now. An idea that people can reclaim streets and cities by outnumbering cars with their bikes.   https://network23.org/criticalmasslondon/   http://www.urban75.com/Action/critical.html      
    • What if someone wants to get off at the next stop.but is in the middle of that lot. Brilliant
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