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Just to let you know that I'm a newly published author living in SE22. I've just written a book about the contribution of indigenous and ethnic peoples of the Commonwealth to Britain's War effort. It's called Under One Flag and is available from Chener Books on LL and website www.get-publishing.com

The book's amazing, colourful and easy-to-read design is by Nunhead resident Dianne Deudney.

Under One Flag retails at just ?14.99 (with discounts for schools and community groups). The book features over 200 authentic photographs from World War II. Would love your support and I'm happy to come and do some readings and talks. Royalties from the book go to the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League who support thousands of veterans around the world. It features a foreword by Prince Harry and East Dulwich hero LCpl Johnson Beharry VC - who was awarded the Victoria Cross for outstanding bravery in Iraq that very nearly killed him.

Here is a link to a TV news article on the book that featured in Canada - http://www.nationalpost.com/news/global-video/index.html?category=National+Post/Global+News&video=0M7IRDethElSBUwwC8fziptQw3E5SP6k

This book shows people who support the BNP that black and ethnic people really have helped to put the Great in Britain - despite the prejudice and unequal rights they faced.


Under One Flag tells the stories of the unsung heroes and heroines of World War II from across the world. With personal forewords from Prince Harry and Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry VC, the first serving recipient of the Victoria Cross since 1969, it emphasises the vital contribution made by those from the Commonwealth and British Empire who volunteered during World War II.

?The stories told in Under One Flag are rarely heard, but they should be. The immense courage and selfless dedication of indigenous and ethnic peoples of what was then the British Empire deserve to be celebrated by us today? Prince Harry

Post-war Britain has a widely diverse ethnic population and children and adults alike can learn about the important part that their grandparents and others played in the defence of Great Britain -all as volunteers- in the War. Under One Flag features a collection of case studies from Commonwealth veterans some of whom are alive today and whose inspiring stories are brought to life with original photographs. These include the fascinating stories of the most decorated female servicewoman of WWII, Captain Nancy Wake, Jemadar Nand Singh, India?s most decorated soldier and Major Neville Hogan MBE who fought in two Burma Campaigns and was imprisoned by the Communist Party in Burma before escaping to England.

The book highlights the contribution of people of colour from:

Africa - South, Southern, East and West Africans

West Indies ? Afro Caribbeans

Canada ? Indigenous and Afro Canadians

Australasia ? Aborigines, Maori and Pacific Islanders

India - Indians and Asians from the Far East

Under One Flag was inspired by and written for the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League who will receive a royalty from book sales. RCEL has helped Commonwealth veterans and widows across the globe since 1921 and proceeds from this book will help bring them some dignity in the twilight years of their lives.

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