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Information on Parking / Permits in Peckham

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So I know it's Peckham and not East Dulwich, but I was wondering if anyone could provide any information about how to get a parking permit/ provide information about parking in Peckham. We have just looked at a flat on rye lane that we are eager to sign for, but one of us is a bit concerned about where she'll be able to park. We noticed that there's council run car parks where she can get a season ticket, but we think they probably operate within certain times.

Any information will be greatly appreciated!
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You could try the Southwark Council main switchboard number on 0207 525 5000 and ask for information about parking zones in the area. If not maybe ask the people who are living in the property at the moment? Good luck as communication with Southwark about parking is sometimes a bit hit and miss!
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Southwark parking are very good - and has a map of the various zones. I've found their parking projects team respond within hours to emails.
http://www.southwark.gov.uk/download/do ... in_peckham

This should help give you information, but as long as you are a resident you can qualify for an annual permit at ?125 - this has gone up by ?5 in 7 years, so don't worry too much about major price increases.
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