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Info re an ATM Scam

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I thought I would put this out there as my neighbour was a victim of it earlier today. This particular incident happened at a Tesco ATM in Bermondsey, but obviously it could happen anywhere. He had put his card in to withdraw cash. I am not entirely sure how far he got with that particular process, but the machine did not return his card. There was a chap standing close to the machine on a mobile phone, and he told my neighbour that the same thing had just happened to him and that he was currently talking to an engineer. The 'engineer' then said that if another card was inserted, a code would appear on the screen which, when entered, would make the machine eject the cards. My neighbour did put another card in and a code appeared, which he duly entered. No cards were returned, the chap had made a hasty retreat and my neighbour had lost a total of ?2,600 from two accounts. The bank will refund apparently, but worth being aware of these methods that are being used to scam. I used to think I was pretty scam savvy and that 'it could never happen to me' until I was duped by a quite sophisticated HSBC scam a while ago, so am now super aware that it could happen to anyone!
Bic Basher
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It's getting to the point where if there's someone hanging around an outdoor cashpoint that you simply don't use it.

Now I don't want a cashless society, but it's these continuous ATM scams that will give momentum towards having one.
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