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messageBahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by spoiltdog 25 December, 2011 22:38

Administrator Why have you removed my recommendations for my work ,have been registered since 2008 ,Thought I would put this Post so other people can see how one sided you can be. Today I put a post on here stating I was taking bookings from Febuary onwards but you have deleted my recommendations,would be nice if you replie openly on this post so others can see youre answer Why have you not done this to other Tradesmen who have bumped there posts up . Administrator there cant be ONE RULE FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE and different rules for others ,this seems to be Quite frequent that other people can bump there postings and Recommendations and I cant ,please be kind enough to Reinstate my Recommendations that you have Removed . I am Andy Aka Spoiltdog,Andyman .

messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by Pickle 26 December, 2011 08:27


These recommendations?

Perhaps you owe admin an apology?

messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by Moos 26 December, 2011 14:29

Andy, seems from Pickle's posting that your recommendations are still there. Admin did comment recently to another trader that he can't afford to keep very old posts as they take up a lot of server space, so he might have taken old ones away.

As a moderator I can say that we do remove bumped posts but we do rely on their being reported to us, so thank you for so often reporting other traders who have bumped their threads, we do take them down.

If you've been using the forum for 3 years for advertising, hopefully yu've had good business from it. Seems a shame to have a go at admin in exchange for all the work that his free forum has generated. You may not be aware, but if you'd like to you can donate towards the costs of running the forum.

messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by spoiltdog 26 December, 2011 23:52

Pickle The link you posted just brings up present page & Moos doesnt matter how much work I have had from the Forum or not my point is that Certain other Tradesmen seem to be able to Bump there posts up without them being deleted my point is that there cant be a rule for one and another for others I posted to Administrator for Administrator to openly replie why They did remove my post and not Tradesman just below this ad who as far as I am concerned has done exactly the same as myself.I would appreciate if Pickle and Moos refrain from posting to this ad as this will only Bump Post back up ,if you wish please send private message all the best Andy Aka Spoiltdog/Andyman many thanks

messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by Huguenot 27 December, 2011 08:17

For someone who has benefitted so much from the forum over the years, it seems to be both unwise and unreasonable to accuse Admin of favouritism and be 'ordering' them to reinstate posts.

A friendlier tone may be more productive?

As you know, bumping is not tolerated because it creates non-productive clutter, and older posts are removed because both the technology demands and the cost are prohibitive. If either of these were allowed the forum would be such a mess it wouldn't work for you at all.

You also know that the forum doesn't have any full time staff and the Admins can only moderate the stuff they see, or the stuff that's reported.

If this forum and the moderation policies didn't exist you would be much worse off.

messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by Otta 27 December, 2011 09:32

Spoilt Brat seems a more suitable name for you. Moos uses the name Moos for a reason, and there is something a bit creepy about showing her that you know her real name.

I hope people read this and decide not to contact you. I certainly wouldn't.

messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by Administrator 27 December, 2011 10:38

Hi Spoilt, I have not removed your recommendations, I removed your advert stating that you are taking bookings in the new year, there's a difference. Some other companies have simple said "Merry Christmas to my customers" which is nice and not too many of them so that was allowed, you said "Merry Christmas, I'm taking bookings ... call me... " which is an advert, not a recommendation.

I've also removed the advert within your original post at the top of this page, that's starting to take the Mickey.

You are coming across as a exceptionally ungrateful Spoiltdog, please remember that I make up the rules, if I want to introduce a "remove all recommendations for a business that gets lots of free work from the forum yet complains when their free advert (which breaks an established rule) is removed" rule then I may.

The Administrator
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messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by karter 28 December, 2011 10:48

Sometimes there are misunderstandings Spoiltdog. They do a grand job on moderating this website IMO.

messageRe: Bahh humbug -Administrator
Posted by boxboyuk 14 January, 2012 14:56

spoiltdog dont be a runt, thay do a great job sound like a spoilt child

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