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messageWho is Admin ?
Posted by lane lover 10 July, 2012 16:58

Hi there, I am new to ED and wondering if anyone knows who Admin is?

Is it one person, or are there are few admins of the forum?

How do you become and Admin and can we vote the Admin off the forum?

messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by dbboy 10 July, 2012 17:05

Admin are the people who run, maintain and do a great job keeping this forum working.

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messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by Siduhe 10 July, 2012 17:13

As I understand it, the Forum is a privately owned/run, not for profit, service which is offered to local people who live/work in the area of ED and surrounds, on the understanding that users agree to comply with certain basic rules.

Enforcement of those rules as Administrator is done by a group of volunteers (not me) at the request of the owner. As dbboy says, I think they do a great job and I'm grateful to have the forum as it is - a useful, free, local resource.

Any particular reason for your query?

messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by lane lover 10 July, 2012 17:37

I was just wondering how the role of Admin came about.

I am not disputing their role, only wondering if anyone knew who they were and how they are allocated the role.

messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by Siduhe 10 July, 2012 18:14

Gotcha. Afraid, I can't help you there - they keep their other forum identities quite separate from their Administrator role for obvious reasons. Kind of a "we are Legion" thing. My understanding is it came about when the size and complexity of the Forum became too much for one person.

messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by Administrator 10 July, 2012 18:18

I am Admin.

Think of me as an omnipresent mild mannered janitor that hangs around keeping the place tidy.

There are others too lurking amongst you in administrator/moderator/lizard roles that provide a most excellent service and deserve the greatest honour bestowed upon them by the people of East Dulwich if such a thing existed.

Anyway enough about them, you asked about me. Sometimes I make mistakes, sometimes I don't. In the background I deal with all the goings on of running the forum such as server upkeep and maintenance, legal threats, dealing with fake posts, taking abuse from a couple of unhappy users etc etc but generally making sure that the 35,000 registered users have a fun and useful place to discuss East Dulwich. And things not East Dulwich in the Lounge.

No one else can become Admin and I can't be voted off the forum so sorry you're stuck with me.

The Administrator
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messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by Ted Max 10 July, 2012 18:20

I seen Admin in the pub giving it the large one trying to impress the fit barkeep. But what you going to do? She's Admin. Her rules.

messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by Peckhamgatecrasher 10 July, 2012 18:54

In your dreams Ted Max. I seen Admin in the gym. He's got big ones so don't mess.

messageRe: Who is Admin ?
Posted by Alan Medic 10 July, 2012 20:50

Is this likely to run like the 'Is there a God' thread? To the Drawing Room I think.

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