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messageBroken arm
Posted by 27 September, 2013 08:09

My 8 year old has broken his (mercifully, non dominant) arm and is in an L shaped wrist to shoulder cast.
The implications are just starting to filter down; no tennis, swimming, cycling, basketball etc
Getting dressed, bathing etc suddenly needs assistance
Does anyone have any tips for one handed living?
Also anyone know where I can buy a sling locally (or have one I can borrow/have)

messageRe: Broken arm
Posted by Mellors 27 September, 2013 10:10

Not a child, but my husband only has one arm anyway (motobike accident age 16).

The only things he really can't do are tie shoelaces (slip on shoes), cut up food and do some two handed sports. Other than that he manages fine - make sure clothes aren't tricky to put on (T shirts, pull on trousers etc if possible - he does coat zips etc with his teeth).

He does try and use it as an excuse for doing things he doesm't fancy though smiling smiley

messageRe: Broken arm
Posted by VeronicaSawyer 27 September, 2013 10:17

Not another one! You're the fourth I know locally in the last 3 months.

I can't help with where to get a sling as we were given one by Kings when mine broke hers. It's probably a bit scruffy, but I can see if we still have it when I get home.

Don't worry to much about it curtailing his activities. Cycling could be tricky because he might not be able to reach the handlebars, but a friend of my daughter's still managed to scale a climbing wall with a cast on her lower arm. Once he's used to it I can't see it stopping him playing tennis and at least having a go at basketball, particularly if it's on his non-dominant arm.

Another friend's daughter had a waterproof cover for her cast which meant she could still swim. I don't know where she got it from but I'm sure a pharmacy could advise. We didn't have anything like that so did without showers and had shallow baths with a plastic carrier bag over the sling, tied round her neck by the handles. Dressing wasn't a problem for long, either. I rushed out and bought shirts that did up at the front, so they could be eased on over her full arm cast, but after the first weeek they were discarded and she had no problems getting into normal t-shirts and tops over her head. Simmilarly I only needed to chop food for one handed eating for a very short while. Once any pain has gone, they seem to be able to use the arm pretty much as usual, only constrained by the shape it's forced into.

messageRe: Broken arm
Posted by Otta 27 September, 2013 11:40

I broke my (dominant) arm at a similar age, and had an L shape cast not to the shoulder, but above the elbow. Obviously the tennis and swimming are out, but I think you'll find that as he gets used to it in the first week or 2, he'll be able to manage most things.

Is it on for 6 weeks, or longer?

messageRe: Broken arm
Posted by buggie 27 September, 2013 11:46

If at Kings, fracture clinic will give him a much better sling than the one given in A&E, and they have information there about the company who do the waterproof sleeves. (Unsure I'd recommend swimming but ok for bathing/showering)

They'll change the cast in fracture clinic too to a much lighter cast which will help with comfort.
Clothing wise, layering is your friend, t-shirts + shirts easier than jumpers/long sleeved tops (maybe even get a few primarni things to "customise").

The first few days when something like this happens are tough, but don't doubt how adaptable your son will be & that he may well adjust/work out how to manage daily tasks.

messageRe: Broken arm
Posted by bumpy 27 September, 2013 12:18

Waterproof cast covers []

messageRe: Broken arm
Posted by ededed 27 September, 2013 14:26

I have a waterproof cast cover for you. I have PMd you.

messageRe: Broken arm
Posted by 27 September, 2013 16:03

Thank you so much for the tips.
Husband has already ordered a waterproof sling but thanks for the offer. I found a comfy day to day one in The chemist by Just Williams and he has coped perfectly well with eating a full English, putting on his boots, writing a short story, doing a jigsaw and charging and using the iPhone. Inspired by your responses I am resisting any learned helplessness,

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