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sticky threadRules and tips for this events section
Posted by Mark 25 October, 2006 13:48

Update - A clean up is happening, if your title doesn't have the right details in it, it will be removed without warning. Users should be able to scan the list of events and see what's on where and when. Sorry the forum software isn't meant to be an events calendar so let's try and make it useful for the users. "New Baby Dancing Classes" is an example of a rubbish title.

Update -Admin's getting annoyed with people who don't put the date in their heading especially people who put "tonight" or "tomorrow" and then don't change it after the event. This means that there are events from last week with "tonight" in the title. So to avoid being deleted without warning, when possible please put the location and date(s) in the title.

The event should be in or very close to East Dulwich. If it's not it will be deleted.
Make sure the title contains the event's name, the venue and the date (preferably in that order). It will make it easier when people scan through the list of events e.g.:
Sheep Knitting Festival - Goose Green - June 21st
Weekly Pub Quiz, Kings Head, Tuesdays - 5 per team

In the body of your post please put as much detail as possible, you know, time, exact location, how to get there, parking etc. The more information you put in your message means more people will know about more things about your event. It may be a good idea to put a link to a map e.g. []

Do not...
just write an event title - put in the time and location.
write use excessive CAPITAL LETTERS in the subject line or message. Immediate deletion by the Administrator if you do.
put the web address or contact details in the subject line.
post your event in other sections of the website.
****Use excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!
post unnecessary messages to enhance or "bump up" your listing.
post excessively and repeatedly about classes/events. Take the mickey and they will all be removed and you will be banned.

If you have multiple events please do not post them all at once, it's not fair on the other promoters. If you do each event maybe merged into one.

If you do these things it really annoys The Administrator and that's not good. If you do do any of those things your message maybe deleted with warning



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