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message(Setting up a) Forum website
Posted by butterfly12 16 February, 2015 22:48

I think the East Dulwich Forum is fantastic and was hoping to set something up similar for the peak district (Derbyshire). I wondered if any of the administrators would be able to offer any advice to me on how to set this sort of forum/website up?

Thank you very much

messageRe: Forum website
Posted by Mark 18 February, 2015 10:00


Remember the key thing is to provide something that is useful and fun to the local area.
- Start small, get some hosting and a domain name with someone like Heart Internet and install forum software.
- Set up the sections of the site, this one had five to start with but that changed with the times.
- Be strict but fair, you've set it up, so you set the rules (borrow the ones from here if you want).
- Be prepared for the Admin team to make mistakes, apologise and make u-turns.
- Most people are fantastic and you'll get a great community (which will then be referred to as "the clique" by others).
- Some people will push you to the edge but move on, the community will help you deal with them if you've been fair.
- Find some awesome moderators, we have great ones on here and they help the place stay great.
- Have a few low budget promotions, we printed 1,500 postcards and had them delivered locally.
- You will get people from outside the areas trying it on e.g."why can't I advertise my Brixton builders", be strict but fair.
- User's confidentiality is very important, only give details if requested to by the authorities.
- Have fun, it's hard work but worth it.
- Don't expect local businesses to ever thank you for what you've done.
- It's not a news site, they're full of bad news. It's the equivalent of chatting to your neighbour over the fence.
- There will be times when it will become a bad tempered whinge-fest, and people don't like returning to places that are always bad tempered.
- Listen to suggestions about the forum but don't act on all of them. If it feels right then do it, if you’re not sure, think about it for a while or ask a few forumites you trust.

I'm sure I'll add some more thoughts as I think of them but remember it has to be useful and fun.

Good luck


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messageRe: Forum website
Posted by butterfly12 22 February, 2015 18:48

Mark , Thank you very much for your thoughts and information. Its really useful to me.

I will let you know how it goes!!

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