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messageThoughts on Fairlawn vs. ED Harris
Posted by selbe 23 April, 2014 23:04

Dear all, what is the parents' opinion on Fairlawn school vs. other local school, e.g. Horniman or Goodrich? Is it still as good as it was under the previous head? In your opinion, how would the new Harris academy compare to it, now that the former Fairlawn's head is the director of Primary Education @ Harris Federation? Thanks for your honest reply

messageRe: Thoughts on Fairlawn vs. ED Harris
Posted by Mariamadeit 24 April, 2014 08:10

If you look at the other thread about school offers day tomorrow, you will see lots of thoughts on the new Harris school, Robin Bosher was the person that initially sold it to me, I like him, what he stands for and the values he was looking for in the new school.

I guess it depends about how you feel re the temporary site and the move to the new site in a year's time, how you feel about there just being a reception class and how you feel about Harris.

Ultimately we all know our own children best and need to make a decision based on their needs and what we think will be best for them. Good luck smiling smiley

messageRe: Thoughts on Fairlawn vs. ED Harris
Posted by JAJ 24 April, 2014 13:17

Someone told me yesterday that Bosher has now stood down from Harris - no idea whether it's true...

messageRe: Thoughts on Fairlawn vs. ED Harris
Posted by bubblebob 24 April, 2014 13:47

I think that fairlawn is still a good school but from what I've heard from parents with children there it is in turmoil at the moment. We didn't put it first even though we are pretty local, although we didn't get in anywhere local at all!

messageRe: Thoughts on Fairlawn vs. ED Harris
Posted by JAJ 24 April, 2014 13:56

Just checked with the 'someone'. Bosher is at Ofsted now - it's on public record. I'm sure Fairlawn is still a great school. I know lots of parents there and like most schools, some are happy and some are not. They have had a lot of change and a lot of new teachers, but the impression I get is that things have calmed down and are smoothing over.

messageRe: Thoughts on Fairlawn vs. ED Harris
Posted by poppy 24 April, 2014 14:23

Robin Bosher is indeed at Ofsted but I thought he had just been seconded for two years?

I don't know much about Fairlawn currently but having been to the open evenings about Harris I can't see any good reason why it won't become an Ofsted-rated outstanding school given Harris's experience of both turning around failing schools and achieving outstanding Ofsted ratings. I know no-one's got a crystal ball but this is a brand new school in a relatively affluent, middle class area so without some of the challenges of trying to turn a failing school around. They clearly know what they are doing and they will have a group of families keen to support them. We are rejecting our LA offer at a "good" school mainly because we are excited about being part of a brand new school but also because we live the other side of ED so want a foot in the door in a couple of years when it's bound to be oversubscribed and our second will be starting reception.

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