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messageJudith Kerr Primary School info please
Posted by yellow24 June 10, 10:24AM


On the other thread I was glad to hear positive things about Judith Kerr Primary School, as I'd love my bilingual (German/English) daughter to go there in 2020. I was wondering if anyone knows the catchment area and how oversubscribed it is? I know there's a lottery for half of the spaces, but how close do you need to live to be almost sure to get in?

Also, how do you register interest for the weekly tours? I once send them a message via their form on the website but never received a reply.


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messageRe: Judith Kerr Primary School info please
Posted by Worcester June 15, 06:47PM

It is indeed a fantastic school. My children are in Reception and Yr 2 and are both thriving. We love the school community and the smaller, nurturing atmosphere.

As for the admissions criteria - I have copied below the info from the policy on the website covering this year.

Basically, after looked after children, teacher's children and siblings the rest of the places are 50% distance and 50% a lottery. We live over towards West Dulwich and got a place through the lottery. Am afraid I don't know where the cut off distance was for the distance criteria but the school should be able to tell you.

I don't know much about the tours either but your best bet would be to email

Alternative you might like to come along to the school fair on 30th June 12 - 4pm to get a feel for the community.

Hope that helps a bit and hope to meet you in Sept 2020!!

Admissions Criteria:

A. Looked after children or children who were previously looked after;1
B. Children with a sibling who will be a pupil at the School when the applicant will enter the
“Sibling” means a child who has one or both natural parents in common or any other child
(including an adopted or foster child) for whom the parent has parental responsibility, living at the
same address.
C. Children of a member of staff employed by the School, who:
1. has been employed by and has worked at the School for two or more years at the time at
which the application for admission to the School is made; or
2. is recruited to fill a vacant post at the school for which there is a demonstrable skill
If places remain at this point:
D. Half of those remaining places will be offered to children living nearest to the School,
measured as a straight line from the School gate to the front door of a child’s home. Children
living closer to the School will take priority over those living further away.
E. The other half of those remaining places will be allocated by random allocation.

The full policy can be accessed here: []

messageRe: Judith Kerr Primary School info please
Posted by snathani June 17, 12:30PM

Hi. We got in on distance living at the south end of Lordship Lane, about 1.5 miles away, but this was a few years ago and I think the school is more popular now.

Not sure where you'd get detailed/up-to-date info, but I would recommend living within easy walking/scooting/cycling distance from whatever school you go to, because traffic and public transport can be such a pain in the morning.

School fair is on Sunday 30th June in the afternoon, by the way, if you fancy a look around the lovely leafy grounds!

messageRe: Judith Kerr Primary School info please
Posted by Sesame June 29, 10:32PM

They wouldn’t have any open days until the new academic year. Try calling the school in early October.

We are also very happy with the school. Moved here from central London specifically to get into JKPS and never regretted that decision. Great community and ethos.

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