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messageMemories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by LouieM June 02, 05:12PM


My name is Louie Matthews and I used to be the Maternity Support Worker for the Lanes midwives based at the DMC in East Dulwich. Our fabulous midwife Erika Glenny, who worked at the Lanes for years and delivered countless babies in East Dulwich (loads of them at home!) is retiring. I'd love to hear from anyone who may have memories and/or photos of Erika to include in her retirement scrapbook as obviously we can't have a party. Let me know if you'd like to share an anedcote or photo, we would really appreciate it and I think Erika would too!

Thanks, Louie

messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by KatieJ June 04, 03:09PM

Hi Louie

I have amazing memories of lovely Erika.During my first pregnancy I was registered with a different surgery but moved to DMC where the Lanes were based so that I could see erika on recommendation of a friend. She immediately spotted that my baby was small for dates, and arranged for me to have an extra scan to see what the problem was. It would not have been picked up on had it not been for her. I was lucky enough to have my 2nd baby at home and even more lucky to have Erika there to deliver him. I had my 2 closest friends there as my birthing partners, and Erika had her assistant with her. The experience was incredibly powerful as 5 females in the room. She was absolutely amazing, calming and wonderful throughout. I wish her the very best on her retirement!

messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by LouieM June 12, 10:02AM

Thanks Katie! Would it be ok if I included your memory in Erika's scrapbook? Hope all well with you now! Best wishes, Louie

messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by hpsaucey June 12, 06:04PM

I also remember Erika and how much difference she made to my pregancy/ birth experience. It was from East Dulwich Medical Centre times - just before she moved over to The Lanes. What's your deadline for memories?


messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by Pickle June 13, 12:22PM

Oh goodness, of all the nights to decide to check in on my old “life” on the EDF!

Erica was my midwife, through the DMC, for all three of my pregnancies. I had a pregnancy complication, called obstetric cholestasis, with all three pregnancies. This is a condition with a high risk of stillbirth from 37 weeks onwards.

She took my seemingly innocent symptoms seriously with baby number 1, meaning I saw the right people at Kings quickly, and delivered a healthy baby by induction at 37 weeks. In the following 4 years I had two more babies, with the same condition. Her care was reassuring and professional. She sat with me through long inductions, and was there for the delivery of my 3rd child in 2012.

I remember being really sad when my little girl, Kate, regained her birth weight and we were discharged from her care, but we kept up contact for a while as her daughters were our babysitters.

We have lived in New Zealand since 2017, my “babies” are 13, 12 and 8.

A wonderful lady, we wish her all the best for retirement.

Pippa, Graeme, Callum, Emily and Kate

messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by LouieM June 14, 08:18PM

Thanks Pickle!! Glad your 'babies' are doing well and hope you are enjoying your new life in NZ.

HP - deadline nearly up. Erika retires on 28th June and we are putting together a scrapbook. Let me know if you would like me to include a message.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed!

messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by hrmlp June 18, 01:32PM

I hope I'm not too late!
Erika was our midwife when we had our son in March 2018 - she was a case-load midwife with Juniper team. Oh she was so wonderful - patient and kind and knowledgeable all through a very anxious pregnancy. I will never forget how gentle and thoughtful she was when my son was born and losing weight - she was calm and kind throughout. I hope she has a very happy retirement. Hannah, Phil and Tommy xx

messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by katgod June 20, 07:16PM

Wow. Erika did midwifery for all 3 of mine. She was in the room when the youngest was delivered ( by Erika’s student). Even thinking about her makes me well up, she came to see a friend of mine about 3 years after my youngest was born and even the sound of Erika’s voice made me cry and I was in pieces when she came in the room. Hasten to add these are happy/emotional tears. Will never ever forget her and how kind and professional she was. I felt bereft when home visits stopped after child 1 was born. A very happy retirement to her. Please stick me in the scrap book! Mine are 16, 13 and 10.

messageRe: Memories of Lanes midwives!
Posted by hpsaucey June 25, 11:43PM

Hi - replying late. The lovely Erika was my midwife throughout my first pregnancy at Dulwich Medical Centre back in 2004-5. I had a few tricky scans and she was always comforting. She was also the first person to call me a 'Mum' when she was checking the size of my bump. That was a shocker lol and the point at which I think I realised it was really going to happen.

I had a difficult labour with posterior presentation and kept in for 5 days after for various reasons. At one point Erika came on shift. I always meant to tell how how wonderful it was to see her! She took my baby- Linus - for a bit so I could get some sleep. I'll never forget her kindness and empathy.

Erika - if this makes it into your leaving book just wishing you a happy retirement.You made such a difference to my pregnancy and birth experience that it's hard to put into words how much you helped and how much I appreciated it.

All our love

Helen (and Linus - now 15).

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