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messageWet cement on Lordship Lane - no signage
Posted by joustant 27 September, 2019 21:47

Hi All,
Super stressful morning, after school drop off, I was walking from Goose Green park toward Co-op along the actual side that itís on. And just as I passed that beautiful gift store a few doors before buggy sunk into a newly laid patch of cement that was poured on the pavement to fill a side gap of a drain lid hats sat in the middle of the footpath. Not a single sign in sight! Itís bizarre that anyone would pour cement without signage to warn the public and insane it was done in such weather. It would not have been more than a few hours old.
Anyhow, Iím thankful to the guys at the car wash...I scurried towards the car wash on the cnr of Chesterfield and Lordship Lane and they were so kind, they used their high pressure hose to clear of every last bit of the cement hat had jarred up the buggy wheel...and they did the entire set of wheels just out of kindness. My two boys loved it! Thanks again!
Went back to the wet cement and confirmed, no signage on either side approaching the wet cement.
And Southwark - please, help the people! Glad it was me and not someone in a wheelchair or with a walking cane. My mess made it very obvious to everyone else passing by today...I think/hope!

messageRe: Wet cement on Lordship Lane - no signage
Posted by JL Dulwich 28 September, 2019 09:18

Hi Jules

I saw two guys laying cement outside Oliver Bonas at about 8:45 yesterday morning. Perhaps they were fixing reported damage in several places that day? Agree it wasn't the weather for it to set well. Sorry to hear your buggy got stuck, but glad the chaps in the car wash were kind and helped you out.

messageRe: Wet cement on Lordship Lane - no signage
Posted by joustant 28 September, 2019 11:12

Thatís the one! Oh wow!
Time Wise.. I dropped my daughter off at 8:50 and walked through that cement at 9am! I also feel bad about ruining it. Should have signed my initials. Hope it set before the torrential rain that poured down yesterday. Thanks !!

messageRe: Wet cement on Lordship Lane - no signage
Posted by Humdinger 30 September, 2019 10:51

Should have drawn in it, "Jousant woz ere". You'd have your name cemented on Lordship Lane for a long time, which is quite an honour, right?

messageRe: Wet cement on Lordship Lane - no signage
Posted by Ginster 02 October, 2019 14:35

I've seen this and it's now a trip hazard! So instead of clearly marking it they'll now have to do the job again (if they ever bother). Glad you managed to get the buggy cleaned.

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