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messageFreeing the Hips and Spine: A Yoga and Mobility Workshop Saturday
Posted by sarahfretwellyoga May 12, 10:23PM

Saturday 15 June, 4-5:30pm
The Lodge Space, Surrey Quays

The hips, hamstrings and spine were designed to have freedom of movement, to bend with ease, to be supple. Sitting for long periods, whether that's at work or at home as well as the limited range of movement in our daily lives can cause these muscles and the fascia around them to contract and tighten, causing what we know as “stiffness” or an inability to touch our toes or bend backwards with ease.

In this workshop, you will learn how to cultivate a greater range of motion and flexibility in key areas of the body: the spine and all the muscles of the hips including the hamstrings. By using certain drills and sequencing to educate the nervous system on how to express this range of motion, you will learn how to build flexibility and mobility throughout the whole body. You'll also learn the role that gravity plays in stretching and a range of tactics to use gravity to our advantage - both in yoga and also mobility work.

This workshop will not only help to improve the flexibility and strength, but it will also help alleviate back and hip pain, improve your posture, teach you how find freedom in these areas with yoga poses and exercises that you can take back home to your own mat. We will also explore the function of hips, shoulders and abdominals in creating a strong and supported, mobile spine. The workshop will incorporate creative yoga sequences, mobility exercises and drills, and will incorporate yoga inspired movements and flow.

This is a physical practise with lots of time for questions, chatting and FUN!

All levels of students are welcome, including beginners. Email me at for any questions.

Book here: []

messageRe: Freeing the Hips and Spine: A Yoga and Mobility Workshop Saturday
Posted by SadKrab May 14, 09:13AM

Thanks for the useful information. This workshop will be repeated, right? I have long back problems and I accept hemp hamster to work calmly. Herbal medicines work well with pain but don't solve the main problem. I would like to go ahead and use yoga to correct my posture. I hope you take newbies.

messageRe: Freeing the Hips and Spine: A Yoga and Mobility Workshop Saturday
Posted by sarahfretwellyoga May 14, 09:24AM

Hi there, thanks for your message.

Yes everyone is welcome, and you don’t need to have a certain level of flexibility or strength because this is what we will be working towards improving. You are right, they don’t fix the problem, and more strength and stability is needed and an awareness of imbalances in the body. The workshop will be repeated, I do it roughly once a month or every couple of months. I hope to see you there!


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