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A MUST for unique Christmas presents - Christmas 2010 at London Glassblowing.


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Your little ones will love this too! And its FREE.

Christmas 2010 at London Glassblowing.

Friday 26th November to Wednesda 22nd December.

10 to 6 Monday - Saturday, 11 - 4 Sunday, late opening till 8 on Thursday

Come in from the cold and join us for our Christmas Open House and Sale, celebrating the first anniversary of our new studio in Bermondsey Street.

Enjoy a warm (and free!) glass of mulled wine as you watch the fascinating art of glassblowing and tick a few people off your Christmas present list.

Huge range of designs by Peter Layton and his team.

Prices from ?30 upwards

Each piece is a unique work of art.

For further information and contact details go to:


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