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Phil & Teds at airport


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We flying to Canada with a toddler and newborn. I want to take our P&T, but was wondering if anyone knows if we can take it right to the gate (or a similar large non umbrella type buggy). We are flying BA so will be in terminal 5. It will be our toddler's nap time while in airport and do not fancy having no buggy for three hours at the airport.


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You can take the P&T's to the gate at T5 - I would also recommend the travel bag for it - we didn't have one on the way to Oz & it was very battered by the time we got to Sydney. Every terminal is different though, so I'd pack a sling for the newborn just in case you cant take the pram all the way on your return leg.
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Hello, I have a Phil and Ted Vibe travel bag that I bought when we were going to Canada last year (coincidently) to protect the buggy. I did not take the buggy in the end as I opted for Maclaren for the then 15 months leaving her 2 and half year old sister in daddy's arm. Not so comfortable for either of them given the waiting time, in the hindsight, I should have taken the P & T!

If you are interested in the travel bag, PM me.

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