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itunes help pls


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Hi, I have replaced my laptop and had my itunes account on there. Does anyone know how i go about getting it on my new one - do i just plug the ipod in or visit the site and log in and it will all download - or is there something more complicated than that? thanks for any help with this!
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It depends on if you still have the old laptop as to what you need to do. I'm no expert but had to muddle through this problem. On your new laptop you need to download Itunes. When you log in to your account if I remember correctly the only tunes you will have in your library are the ones you purchased from the Itunes shop. However there is a method of transferring your music to your new laptop. That's where I failed as I tried to follow the instructions in Itunes help but somehow it didn't work. I ended up just starting a new library as it didn't really bother me. However once you sync your ipod to your laptop you will only have what is in your library. The library does not import from the ipod. So try and follow the instructions in itunes help. You may do better than I did. If not then at least you wont have lost anything you have purchased. I'm sure a much more professional post is about to arrive!
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If you've still got your old laptop, then just transfer your entire iTunes folder from one to the other (into the same file/folder). This will keep your playcounts, added dates, ratings, playlists etc.

If not, there are various bits of software out there that will pick up everything from your iPod and transfer it over (Apple's own tools only transfer purchased songs). I've used iPodrip before although not sure if that's Mac only.

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