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MY BIKE - ( I love my bike) -


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Dear all in Dulwich area.

You may have seen my bike over the years parked round Dulwich and East Dulwich - it's quite distinctive.

Some nasty shite stole it today between 1pm and 11pm from Hillsborough Road SE22 (near Alleyns School). I'b be very grateful if everyone could keep an eye open for it.

It's a large / tall Silver 'Trek' man's road bike - with a metal shopping basket - supermarket style - bolted on the back -

It's also covered in little round black stickers - each with a letter on - spelling out things like ' I LOVE MY BIKE - and various other silliness. It also has a oversized bell - which is a bit rusty.

It's not new - easily 10 years old - but much used and much needed - I've done thousands of miles across London on this bike and would dearly love it back. I have of course called the police ...... awaiting crime no. to be issued. . . .

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It might be useful to mention to biker's to take a photo of your machine,

to post on a forum such as this for people to take a look at it so they know what to look for,

I know it's a long shot but there are thousands of people who use this forum.

We can only look for it when we know what it's like.

Sorry to hear your bike has been knicked by some no good thieving wretch who should lose a hand.

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