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We are going through this process and I wanted to get the views of other parents about preferences and distance from schools. I really liked Dulwich Village Infants but our closest school is Heber (therefore we are not that close to DV). If I were to put DV as our first choice and Heber second does any one know if that would jeopardise our chances of getting either our first or second choice? I am not sure whether it is preference or distance that takes priority i.e. would someone else who put Heber as first choice but did not live as close be offered a place over someone putting it as a second choice and living closer?

Also I have heard great things about Heber school but I was not that impressed when I visited the reception class and the last Ofsted score for Early Years Foundation stages was satisfactory. Am I the only one in ED who has doubts about the quality of the teaching at Heber during the early years stages?

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Heber had a return OFSTED and the early years was deemed good. Our son had been in nursery and reception at the time of the original inspections and we were very happy..... the weakness were about assessment I believe.

I think it's the case that first choices are allocated where possible prior to second. I note the criteria re ckosest community school has been removed for this year.

1.1 Over-subscription Criteria (for all years except nursery):

In the event of there being more applications than places available, places will be allocated in the following order of priority:

(i) Children in public care (Looked After Children) [see note (a)];

(ii) Children who will have brothers or sisters attending the school at the

ir time of entry [see note(b)];

(iii) Where professional evidence indicates that there are particular psychological, medical social needs which the LA and Headteacher agree can best be addressed at the school [see note ©];

or (iv) Children living nearest the school measured by straight line route from home to the mschool gate [see note (d)]


I would call admissions or go via your councillor for specific advice.

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This is all very frustrating. My closest is Goodrich and then it's Horniman. I'd like my son to go to Horniman, if not I'd be happy with Goodrich. But judging by what everyone says in this thread you should put your closest or else... What's the point of having a preference if you're forced to put the closest one or end up in Deptford!! Sorry, bit of a stressed out rant here, but I'm so torn. Should I give it a go for Horniman or play safe with Goodrich?
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Honestly Moi23.....?? Sadly the answer is that we are given the 'illusion' of choice, but actually you're right...we don't have very much at all, if any.

If you love Horniman put it as your 1st choice and put Goodrich 2nd choice (unless when you say it is your 2nd closest it is still in reality a long way away). You may get lucky, you never know.

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Southwark have dropped the criteria re closest community school now it's just straight distance.. think Lewisham never had that criteria anyway. It doesn't make a huge amount of difference when it comes to your chance of getting in to your closest school, but if you fail to get a place there, you will have more chance for your second choice, is my understanding.

If you like Horniman, speak to Lewisham admissions about the distance for allocations in 2010 and likely distance in 2011...

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