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Congratulations! I haven't read it myself (and I certainly don't have triplets) but a friend recommened this book apparently it's a good read for any new/expectant parents.

Extreme Motherhood: The Triplet Diaries by Judy Clune.


Not sure how she found the time to write it!

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I wonder if any of you might be able to help me?

I am a researcher on a new documentary for the BBC exploring Multiple Births. We are looking for expectant mums, who are expecting triplets or more within the next few weeks? Or parents of triplets/quads over the age of 5.

Through the documentary we are hoping to chart the pregnancy and birth story of young parents-to-be expecting more than two babies, then showcase the ear-splitting first few weeks that follow when their babies are brought home. We also follow parents already with multiples ? and the impact it has on them.

The couples we meet will be united by the fact that they are all in the throes of preparing and coping with the chaos that is multiple family life but their stories will diverge with the different challenges they face. From making ends meet to establishing a workable daily routine; handling harrowing health problems to dealing with sleep deprivation ? we?ll be assessing the decisions they make and asking whether the seeds they sow with their clan today will be reaped ? or rued ? tomorrow?

To deliver the answers ? along with a few cautionary tales ? we?ll springboard into the lives of other multiple families further along in their parental and developmental journeys, to see exactly how the rubber meets the road. Through these unique case studies we?ll gain some privileged insights into how the survival tactics deployed by our rookie parents might come to bear one, five, even twenty-five years down the line.

If you know of any mothers due to have triplets or quads soon, or have any suggestions on anyone that might be able to help me? (We are already in touch with TAMBA and the Multiple Birth Foundation.) Any help whatsoever would be so greatly appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


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Hi there - just to let you know that the Dulwich and District Twins Club now has seven sets of triplets amongst members - two triplet parents and parents to be have joined in the last few months, and all of the parents with slightly older triplets - aged 3 to 5 - are also very happy to be emailed if advice is what you need.

Yes, I would say it's a very friendly group - I'm biased though!

David Saywell, Membership Secretary and Dad to Eve and Leah, now 4 years old. [email protected] - if you would like to get in touch with the other triplet parents, and possibly join as a member (?12 / year)

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