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I dont know where to post this - is it safe to fly :S


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Hello, last resort until I can get hold of someone via NHS Direct, as it is proving completely useless trying to speak to a doctor where I am registered!!!

Has anyone ever flown with two ear infections and a perforated ear drum? Or indeed any of the listed :)

Deaf in one ear, half deaf in the other ear, numb around ear and some of my face!! I just want to know if you have had any experiences flying with this - as there are mixed reviews on the 'net - I only realised last night after speaking to mum/friends, that it may not be the right thing to.

I can see a doctor once I land, Mum has appointment booked already for me. However, I dont want to do any unnecessary damage flying in the first place.

Thank you :)

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I flew with the beginnings of a cold once and ended up with excruiciating ear pain and got off the plane looking very green around the gills having spent much of the flight feeling dizzy and like I wanted to throw up. Ended up with badly blocked ears and taking a couple of days of work. I really wouldn't risk flying with ear problems.

Having said that, I think the perforated ear drum on it's own wouldn't be a problem, but if the other ear is still blocked flying could be the final straw and lead that one to be perforated too.

NHS web site says:

"It?s not advisable to fly if you have an ear, nose or sinus infection, as the swelling can cause pain, bleeding or a perforated eardrum. If you have to fly, then ask your GP or pharmacist about decongestants to help reduce the swelling in your ears.

Is it safe to fly with a perforated eardrum?

Yes. In fact, flying with a perforated eardrum should actually cause you less discomfort than if your eardrum is intact"

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Yes, I flew with the start of an ear infection once (I hadn't realised) and oh boy, was it painful... It felt how I imagine red hot skewers being stuck in your ears would feel while we were in the air. It was a relatively short flight (an hour or so) but it continued to hurt slightly and felt like I had blocked ears for several hours afterwards.

While it didn't do any damage to my hearing, my ears are now more sensitive; they get painful in cold weather if I'm running/cycling and when I went skydiving, the combination of cold and pressure was agony.

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My friend crews for BA, she caught an ear infection somewhere exotic and wasn't permitted to fly home until it had cleared up. I flew with blocked sinuses once (hayfever) and it was agony! Agree with the poker comment, mine was around my eyes though :-( I wouldn't fly without dosing up on decongestant for a long time after that!
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Hello everyone, thanks so much for your replies!!

I have still not spoken to the doctor :( But the numbness has reduced a lot :) I will get some decongestents from the pharmacy - I didnt see that on the website, so thanks a million for giving me that info.

I don't mind if there is side effects for a few hours, just long term damage would be my concern. I have high dose pain killers on prescription, and will pop a couple of them before I board.

Mum said since, that when she spoke to the doctor she made the appointment with, she didnt ask him if it was safe to fly, but he knew I was flying with the infections and perforated eardrum, and didnt raise any concerns.. So that sounds like it could be okay...

Thank you again, your advice/experience appreciated..

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