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Medical hierarchy - help needed


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Yesterday my wife & I took our 3 mounths old son to see both GP and paediatrician in yet another attempt to tackle reflux.

The pediatrician completely contradicted a treatment method the GP recommended just before we saw her ("ooh, I definitely wouldn't do that"). After a quick discussion between them (which we didn't hear) the GP stuck by her initial proposed medication, so both I and missus were left rather bewildered..

As we are both non-English, I was wondering whether anyone can explain the difference between the two roles, which is superior, and who should we listen to really? (we won't hold it against you ;-) )

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Difficult - I'm surprised that you saw both together, to be honest. I'd generally say that the paediatrician is more of a specialist than the GP, but I know that GPs see quite a lot of reflux. What did they advise you - I know others on here have had experience of treating reflux so may give you considered advice on what you were told.
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The GP is a General Practitioner. In essence, they can diagnose & treat general or common ailments and refer patients on to experts for more complex health issues.

The paediatrician is one of those experts. Their specific area of expertise is child health. Of course child health is itself a large area and so you will find some pediatricians that specialise in particular ailments or age groups (not sure how specialism within paediatrics works? Hopefully someone who knows better will come along soon).

Like BeccaL I'm surprised that you saw both of them together. I'd be inclined to go with the Paed's advice but would agree that if you post more info about your situation and the advice given (by both medics) on here you'll probable find someone who has had similar or the same experience who can be of help to you.

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