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I see or do I ?


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Have you ever asked a person to direct you to a place?

If it was the man sitting out side the pub it might go like this: Go up to the Plough turn left right to the end turn left at the Clock House, turn left at the Kings Arms, take the left at East Dulwich Hotel, its on the corner of the third road.

This is a typical circular tour, that you don't need.

So how good do you know your own area, how would you direct a person to your own home?

Describe a place without giving number of house or name of road.


From Goose Green roundabout along Lordship Lane, third left a hundred yards on the right what will I see?

Have you stood for hours waiting for the bus looking at the shop facing? Can you describe it.

Has it one door or another to the side for the upper occupants.

Has it two glass windows to the shop.

What colour is it painted,

What is the name above.

What style of sign writing

How high is it two or three story's.

How many windows on each floor.

Is it red or yellow brick.

Can you see the roof.

I know you can look at it on Google earth but just test your self first before you look, then you will know if you are observant.

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It is an interesting skill to describe buildings, people, directions and so on.

As someone who travels all across all of London, and does not use satnav, I find it incredibly frustrating that many businesses and fascias do not have the number of the street on them. Sometimes entire streets of businesses do not have the numbers on theie fascias or doors! But that's off topic. Being a motorcyclist, when stopped I often find I am asked directions; many people thinks all bikers are couriers. I am not a courier but I do my best when describing how to get somewhere to someone. Remembering pubs on corners is one way of course (and delightfully mentioned as such in Bill Bryson's Notes On A Small Island), but also shops and lamp-posts and bus stops and trees and so on are a good way to try and get someone on their way. Where I live I have come across people on about four occasions in their cars, stuck in a cul de sac where there's nothing but our garages, having been told by their sat navs that they are in the middle of the park. And they didn't have the commong sense to see that they were driving in the opposite direction from the park!

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It is always an easy way to find an address, if you remember that when towns were first built the main roads leading from the centre of the Town or Village started with number one the closest radiating out the numbers got higher, and roads got added look at any one of these the lower number is nearer London.

Take Dulwich Village it is in alphabetical order, Ayesgarth Rd Boxall Rd Calton Av. a little Estate all ?D? s Dekker Rd Desanfans Rd Druce Rd Dovercourt Road Eastlands Crescent. There have been new roads added and some removed so there is the few that don't comply.

I used to know London very well but it has changed now and I don't get to see it.

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