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I had one like that once. Remember you need an air filter in your tank,and dont have it running to high as it will

make the water too cold.

The little goldfish we had lived many years, sometimes it used to need aid when it was found lying on its side, when

that happened, we used to put it in a clean container with just enough water to cover it.

I dont no how this worked but after a few hours it did regain its balance.

we were able to return him to his tank.

Of course the book on goldfih helped.

We had a fair sized covered fish tank and we also had a beautiful Blue Shubunkin.

we also had cats and made sure they were unable to flick thm out of the water,

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I wanted to buy another dog this year, but the breed I wanted was far to far to travel, and mostly dodgy puppy


One place in Dartford a man said he had a puppy and I would have to see him in his dinner hour only as it was his

wifes pups and she would not be there.

He seemed curt and slightly evasive, when i asked him Questions.

But I went there and found the place empty.

I was told by a breeder, sometimes puppy farm traders,get some rogue or other, to pretend the puppies are home bred

.and even use other peoples homes or empty properties as a ploy I guess he may have been one of those.

So I abandoned the search,

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What breed did you wnat tarot? We did a 13 hour round trip to get my dog, so I know what you mean ;-) My friends got a Boston Terrier puppy on the 3rd December, they drove to Cheshire to get her, long way, lots of money. She was gorgeous, but when they took her to the vets 2 days later for a check up, she was found to have a grade 4 heart murmur which is not good :( They made the very sad descision to return her to the breeder, the vet said she was a very sick puppy and not to over excite her etc, Very sad.
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