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Local author's debut novel


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Good morning forumites,

Local East Dulwich resident Graham Thomas has just released his first novel, TheNeverPages - Journal of a Dream Investigator. The paperback is available on amazon with kindle and ipad versions on their way. There is talk of trying to get it stocked in local bookshops too.

The book is strange, fascinating and intriguing diary charting one mans journey to the Other Side to investigate the meaning of a dream. It's experimental, fresh and complex...with some pretty pictures too.

The author, Graham, wrote the majority of it in The Bishop, tucked away by the franking machine. So, if you would like to support a local writer, pick up a copy and spread the word! some useful bits and links below!

Any bloggers/journalists/reviewers out there who would like a review copy, PM me with your details/credentials and we'll get a copy to you! Also - any literary agents out there who would like to talk to Graham about possible representation should PM also.

Thank you for your time, and apologies if this post has been posted in the wrong section

Kind regards



The Book


Video Trailer




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