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Polystyrene disposal


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I've had some food delivered for Christmas in two medium sized polystyrene boxes, unfortunately the company doesn't operate a 'return/reuse' scheme so I'm left wondering, yet again, how best to dispose of this stuff. I've googled around a bit and can't find a recycling option nor any place that might be interested in reuse. So probably just the bin or the depot where it'll end up in the general waste too?

Any other ideas?

Thanks, Dagmar

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Thanks Saffron, but I've only got a small garden and have already done this in the past (using broken up polystyrene to fill the bottom of big pots). But maybe I'll just hang on to the boxes for a bit and put them in the cellar and hope that something will come up.

I'll mail the company again too as really think they should reuse them. We get meat from another mail order company sometimes and they they give you a ?5 credit if you post back their boxes.

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