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Hi there,

We are about to start the primary school application for our nearly 4 year old son. He has had some learning and languages difficulties over the last few months and we would like to ask any parent out there facing a similar situation about feedback on primary schools.

We are currently considering Heber and Goodrich schools as the first and second option, and while we really liked both of them we think Heber School may suit him best, being a smaller school.

Any feedback or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Both seem to be great community schools. If your gut is telling you Heber - then go that way. Are all the open days done? If you have specific questions or concerns you could email the schools and see if you can go back for a revisit. Ours went to Heber and had a fantastic primary education there. They seemed to be fantastic with kids who needed extra support. But I am sure others would say the same about GR. If you are really unsure which, go with the nearest. Good luck.
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