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Saturday School - Free Tasters Available Now!

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Is your child passionate about singing, acting and dancing? Come and experience the NEXT LEVEL in TRIPLE THREAT TRAINING at Take Flight Academy's unique SATURDAY SCHOOL run by West End professionals, in fully equipped studios at Sydenham School!

We are now taking bookings for our next FREE TASTER DAYS taking place on SATURDAY 11, 18 & 23 JANUARY 2020! Limited spaces now available in age groups 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 years. Our 13+ age group is full but do get in touch to join our waiting list.


Classes are held on Saturday from 10am - 2pm, within the highly professional and fully equipped dance, drama and music studios at:

Sydenham School, Dartmouth Road, London, SE26 4RD

Our unique 4-hour session, run by West End professionals, will include thorough, energised and focused technical classes in which students can really develop their "triple threat" skills of singing, dancing and acting. Given the hi-energy nature of our course, we are only accepting children and young people from the age of 7 through to 18.

In classes split into age groups, all students take:

- Drama

- Jazz Dance (for choreography)

- Musical Theatre Ballet (for technique)

- Group Singing

Giving our students a longer weekly session of 4 hours, rather than the standard 3, means we can provide not only a fantastic technical course, covering many aspects of the performing arts world, but also the following valuable "added extras" at NO additional cost.

-Professional filming of performances

-Small group singing lessons in addition to the group choral singing class (2-3 per term)

-Masterclasses conducted by guest teachers from the West End and performing arts world

All students take part in our end of year Showcase, performed in a professional theatre - an amazing experience for all involved!


The taster is a chance for your child to come along and experience what our unique course offers, as well as meet our fantastic team of teachers.


For more information and to book your child's place on our free taster session:

T: 07736 469321

E: [email protected]

W: [www.takeflightacademy.co.uk]

Many thanks and we hope to hear from you soon!

Leanne and Stevie

Directors, Take Flight Academy

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