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Cost of refitting bathroom - help!


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Been shocked at quotes coming in at ?4.5k and ?5.5k for labour only, to refit bathroom and tile. Nothing is being moved and the loo isn't even being replaced.

Shower, bath and sink all being replaced in identical spot.

Room is approx. 3m x 3m (so the total floor tiling is 4msq) - can anyone share recent quotes with me? Am I just out of touch?!

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I had total refit everything stripped back and all new had underfloor heating walk in shower instead of bath and mine was that for worker as plumbing, electrical work fitter

Mine was done with Ivan company as I got him through bath store, he has since done complete refit of kitchen all high standards even done neighbors as they were so impressed

Bathroom took I week excellent worker clean and work all through the day

I happy to send you photos of work as you are not having so much work done as I've had it should not be as expensive

Ivan number


Hope this helps


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A year ago adult son and I decided to refit our bathroom. New bath, wash basin, flooring, and tiles. We had never tried anything more complicated than decorating before.We had much help from the staff at Plough Homecrafts where we bought things we needed apart from tiles, bath, basin and cabinet. And we googled lots of "how to" information online. It turned out beautifully and fraction of the price.
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Hmm, I'm wondering whether we might have to tackle the project ourselves as the quotes are just madness. I thought I could get the whole thing done for ?5k, including the cost of the suite, but if the quotes for labour alone are this expensive it's just not possible.

Thank you Gaynor - I will contact Ivan and ask him to come over and take a look.

Many thanks

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