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Updated: Free Workshop 8pm Wed 29.01.20 @ The Clockhouse: Make A Hand Stitched Little Book


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Would anyone be interested in joining me soon for a free workshop on creating a hand stitched little book in the snug area of the Clock House Pub on a week night?

Please find attached some photos to show you what I'm talking about. I want to road-test my ideas so you'd be doing me a favour showing up and acting as guinea pigs!

All materials would be supplied on the night. If you're interested, please DM me so I have an idea of numbers, reserve the space and get back to you about a date.

I'd show you how to create a basic framework with simple binding and how I build up pages.

This type of stitching is hugely therapeutic and satisfying. There's no pressure to be artistic. All that's required is an interest in using a needle and thread to inadvertently create a unique and personal piece of work.

Any questions, please DM/get back to me :)

Thank you

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I'm very pleased to add there's been interest in this so this to say the stitching little books night will be held in the Snug area at the Clock House Pub from 8pm on Wednesday 29th January.

This is freestyle hand stitching so absolutely no sewing skill is required! In fact I'd say that for this, the less the better!

Thank you to those who've DM'd me and anyone else who wants to join, please get in touch before or on the day so I have a rough idea about numbers ;)

All materials will be provided and this is free.

I'll try adding a few more images to give a better idea when I've got a chance this w/end.

Cheers, V

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Well, I hope more peeps will join me on Wed 29th from 8pm in the Snug area at the Clock House Pub for some rebel stitching!

This is a free workshop about hand made little books. You'll be able to take your work home with you, whatever stage you get to.

I'll show you how to create a framework and how to build up pages using scraps of fabric and cotton thread. All materials will be provided on the night.

This is a type of visual journaling with needle and thread ;) It's fun, I promise!

Attached is another pic to show you what I mean.

It's all about focusing on creative process, which gets you passed your inner critic and inadvertently leads to one-of-a-kind results.


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