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Irwin Mitchell, though not local (Holborn), have a very good reputation and a team dealing with children's accidents. Have a look at their website:


When I was in practice I signposted clients to the firm for PI cases.

IM offer a free first consultation and proceed on no win/no fee.

I don't suggest using an umbrella service like National Accident Helpline (mixed quality and can end up with a solicitor in another part of the country).

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Irwin Mitchell have a good reputation. I am shocked re the cafe's attitude - they should have a public liability insurance and should have taken full details of the incident. At least taken your phone number to get back to you for more information One questions as to whether the parent of the toddler was negligent in supervising their child? Admittedly young children are unpredictable, but depending on the size of the caf? and how full it was, young children should be in high chairs or on laps. Was this a 'local cafe'? did you recognise any other diners who would give a witness statement?.
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I feel really sorry for your friend's child - how awful. But I feel very sorry for the waiter too, and by extension the cafe. If a toddler is allowed to run in front of a waiter carrying a tray of hot drinks then an accident is entirely inevitable. It doesn't sound like the management handled the aftermath well but the waiter was kind to give you ?20 out of his own money when it was hardly his fault. In the circumstances it seems harsh to hit the cafe with a huge legal bill if you sue them. What would you be suing them for, exactly? Transporting dangerously hot drinks?

None of this is to belittle what was clearly a traumatic event for all concerned, but I'm just not sure how you can justify heaping all the blame on the cafe here.

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