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Any leads for Work Experience in Investment Banking!


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Hi, my son is at Kingsdale and next September has the chance to do 2 weeks work experience. He is studying for GCSE Economics and is keen to learn more about the world of Investment Banking. Does anyone have any leads/contacts suggestions or advice for trying to get a placement.

Understandably most of their programmes are for graduates and above. He will be 15yrs.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

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get in touch with the banks directly.

I found this. It might give you some thoughts.

I would just get my son to call them, find out who to contact and them email/ phone them directly - send in a cv - what he's interested, what he does outside school etc etc. what he's hoping to gain - what he'd like to do in teh future, what drives him etc.

If nothing happens, contact them again, thank them and say you'll try again when he's in Y13....

It's competitive.

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also don't let him get too disillusioned if they say no - unless they have a designated scheme it might be logistically difficult for them to take him -at my work we have very strict rules on when we have u16s doing work experience - in terms of what they can do, who they can go to meetings with etc from a child protection perspective.
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