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Having been impressed with the plans Conley & Co drew up for our bedroom and bathroom refurbishment we decided to employ them in February 2019. We were assured that the job would take 7 weeks so with all the money (a hefty five figure sum) for materials paid upfront (bar ?3k) we went ahead in good faith.

Little did we realise this would signal the start of a 7 month (yes SEVEN MONTH) saga that dominated our lives.

Early on in the job one of our ceilings collapsed on account of rotten beams.

This could have had a catastrophic outcome but fortunately no-one was sleeping in the room below at the time.

This heralded the start of a catalogue of many unfortunate incidents.

Communication deteriorated as the work progressed and we were forced to project manage the job ourselves as the firm reacted very badly when we flagged up legitimate concerns.

There were days on end when the builders were on site awaiting materials that we naively assumed had been ordered at the start of the job.

We assumed that once we had paid for materials at the start of the job the materials would be ordered and delivered.

Ultimately the firm walked away leaving a snagging list untouched, no guarantees for the job and no closure of the project.

We refused to pay the final balance as this was the only recourse we had against the failings of this project.

The end result? The pleasures of a fine looking space in which to sleep and wash have been massively outweighed by the stress of the job, and lack of accountability by this company.

We are 2 aggrieved clients who are trying to warn people before they appoint this firm.

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DONT TRUST. Anna & Chris previously traded under Conley & Co, which had now gone into administration leaving customers such as us without any recourse to compensation for the work they have failed to complete, or have done badly. They have set up a new company under the name Anna Richmond Designs. 

We have underfloor heating that when turned on trips all the electrics in our house; other areas where it doesn’t work at all. Paint work was done shoddily, one coat in many places; kitchen installation rushed so that it’s all wonky, kickboards not fixed in, back doors installed upside down and draughty, kitchen doors and appliances scratched… the list literally goes on. 

Worst is the failure to complete Building control, FENSA and electrical safety certificates, which puts our family at risk and will make it difficult to sell. 

We have Anna and Chris three years to put things right, but they took our money and ignored us. 

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I would echo the other reviews here. In particular the comments on leaving a long snagging list and then ignoring any follow ups for months, and also the failure to provide any evidence of building control.


Sad to see others had a similar experience and amazed to see they’re going again

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