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What do people do with kids during term breaks!

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Hi all,

My daughter is starting preschool shortly and looking at the term dates I realise there is often a month or more gap in between the Spring and Summer terms.

What do people with really young children (3-4 years old) do with their children during these breaks? Are there local 'camps' that operate during half term and term breaks?

I feel really naive for not having realised how this all worked before.

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Yes this problem will continue throughout school I'm afraid, it's worth trying to take a few days Annual leave here and there and mixing this with a partner if you have one.

there are some camps such as Scamps



Nimble Arts


Gumboots also do Holiday clubs

But you pay plenty for these, also if you have current childcare in place it's worth seeing if they can cover the occasional day.

Mumsnet tends to have more information as does the Southwark website

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In my experience, pre-school is the hardest age and it gets easier as they get older - more clubs available to school age and also more friends from school attending the same clubs which makes it more attractive and less intimidating for them.

We ended up getting a nanny for a year while we took our middle one out of wraparound nursery and into preschool for a year but that worked because we had an older one in school and a baby at home. If an au pair is an option, I think that?s how a lot of people make it work. It may work be worth touching base with other parents to see if there are options to share childcare.

Good luck! If you can cobble it together for a year or two, it does get easier.

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Ps to answer your question, some of the clubs do take kids as young as 4. As pp said, Scamps, and Nimble Arts will consider it, and Dulwich Village Kids Club. The latter two are on a case by case basis and will insist on kids being completely potty trained, no personal experience of Scamps.
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Dear Parents/Carers,

Team Magna are pleased to announce the launch of Magna Camps at St John?s and St Clement?s C of E Primary for EASTER Half Term (Monday 6th ? Friday 17th April)

Bookings are NOW OPEN simply visit WWW.MAGNAGROUPS.COM to BOOK NOW

Book before 16th March 2020 to receive an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT, Spaces are limited so BOOK TODAY ?With NEW LOWER DAILY FEES from only ?4.00 per hour. Bookings close Monday 23rd March

Our NEW Ofsted registered onsite Kids Camp will be available Monday to Friday 07:40 to 18:00 across the whole week. We have an Action Packed week planned with our specialist themed activities every day

For more information or call 0333 012 4984 or email [email protected] or visit WWW.MAGNAGROUPS.COM to BOOK TODAY

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