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31st Jan - Events for those who wish to show solidarity with our European friends & neighbours


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(The London events listed here have been checked with Met Police and are co-ordinating with the policing plan to ensure safety)

Shine through the Darkness/ Not in Our Name, LONDON 31st Jan 10.30pm-11.30pm , beside the Thames ,Queen?s Walk London South Bank, north/east of London Eye. (Twitter @our_kate ) For legal reasons please don?t demonstrate within the park, and keep public right of way passable.

"If you're not indifferent then don't be invisible. SHOW that Farage and Johnson don?t speak for you. Stand up for the values and rights which are under attack and express our hope for eventual reunion. Let phone torches be seen shimmering a message of solidarity beside the Thames, and shine a light on the lack of consent (from younger generations, from the devolved countries etc.) and lack of accountability (think Russia Report etc) that is involved in Brexit. Keys jingle, symbolising the protections and freedoms we are determined to fight for.? Spread the word, it's down to YOU! This Initiative has zero pence funding.

31st Jan 2.30-5.30pm A bientot/see you soon procession Downing Street-St John Smith Square European Commission offices

31st Jan 5-8pm Mayor's Event for European Londoners on Brexit Day City Hall

31st Jan 5.30-11.30pm Don?t Make Citizens Pay the Price of Brexit New Europeans? silent march and candlelit vigil for citizens? rights, route and location TBC in coordination with Met Police)

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