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Fireworks at 11pm on Friday


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seenbeen Wrote:


> Shaggy Wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------

> -----

> > Close to the Upland Road, Lordship Lane

> > intersection. Anyone any ideas where EXACTLY

> they

> > came from?

> Why? What are you planning to do about it?

Fireworks are only allowed on certain days of the year - yesterday wasn't one - so I guess the OP wants to complain about the noise frightening household animals.

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Have a good look at yourself East Dulwich. What did you do before the referendum? Did you campaign to stay? Did you influence the agenda? Did you get involved in a political party or other relevant oganisation? I expect only a minority did. I didn't and I was probably like most round here who were too complacent that we wouldn't be so stupid to vote to leave. So not sure why there is a thread criticising those who were pleased. If they had rubbed your face in it, that is a difficult matter. I can't go on Facebook, I've blocked some Whatsapp addresses and have lost 'friends' and it has affected relations with some members of my family. But why did I not engage with them before the referendum rather than thinking it would never happen?
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dbboy Wrote:


> This is what was reported in Norwich - pretty

> disgusting.


> https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-5134

> 1735

Very interesting that the notice is written in perfect English, perfect grammar and spelling, nicely spaced out....how on Earth could it have been written by Leavers- who are supposed to be thick- it is a Remainiac job, obviously

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what, so Remainers leaving notes pretending to be Leavers, to hammer home their point that all Leavers are racist?

There is definitely spite from the Remainers, evidenced even on here, although I think that's a step too far. Doesn't mean it's impossible though. The police are investigating and rightly so.

There are some very twisted individuals.

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We lost. We need to move on. We thought that common sense would prevail. It didn't and it made things worse (as much about the ERG as remainers in the government I hasten to add). And that opportunist took his chance.

Friday night was so so sad but by trying to get some moral high ground wont change things one jot. And just gives ammunition to the popular view that we are stuck in our London bubble.

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