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Concerning behaviour of nanny/childminder - looking to locate parents


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I?m looking to try and locate the parent/s of a small boy called Edward, about 3 years old, with sandy blonde hair, English, who is being looked after by a nanny/childminder who is probably Eastern European and has brown straight hair and of slim build.

I witnessed the nanny/childminder acting in a way that really concerned me, and I felt unable to say anything at the time (and indeed it might not have been helpful to) but it?s been really playing on my mind since.

I thought I?d try here on the off chance that anyone recognises the description and can get in touch with contact details of the parents, or pass on my message.

I have further details of the boy/nanny that I won?t share here but that would help with identification if someone thinks they might know.

Many thanks,


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I would advise if in concern, to take it to 101 and they would advise accordingly. For the interest of the alleged child, for their safeguarding as a vulnerable person, even putting that information on a public platform is dangerous. Please do not post personal information of where to find the child etc on here, just take it straight to the police.

Good luck.

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