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ED! Your advice needed // Neighbour trashing street

ED Bird

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I'm looking for the best way to approach this situation... if at all. I have a neighbour on my street who intentionally leaves trays of microwavable food out for foxes {I'm guessing}. Not only am I worried that this could attract rodents, but it also leaves the street looking trashed, as the empty trays never get picked up, just left to be swept down the road. I love foxes & I really wouldn't mind this person leaving food out, if they could just tidy up after themselves.

This began around October. I've seen up to 6 empty trays at one time dispersed along my short street. It stopped & became tidy the moment road work began to replace the pavements, but is slowly returning at their front gate. Do I leave a note or let it go? I pass this every day & my thoughts on how to deal with it fluctuate. Maybe I shouldn't say/do anything at all?

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If you encourage foxes they can be a real nuisance; we are having a nightmare with them in our garden most evenings and defecating all over to mark their territory. They can also be aggressive so you have to be careful especially as it gets towards spring / summer if you want to leave patio doors etc open. I would have words now to try to nip it in the bud, perhaps also recruiting your fellow neighbours into the discussion if they share your concerns. Bit odd to do this in such a way that is causing such a mess outside their own property!
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There are many different strategies that could be deployed. Here are a few >>>>

1. Put Baron's Hot Sauce on the food in the containers or just simple chillie powder/mustard.

2. Reposition the containers in the neighbours front doorstep.

3. Set up a CCTV cam to capture the "crime" and report it to the Council

Etc Etc

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