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aqnyone know of a good bike repair shop


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hi just wanting to know if there are any good motor bike repair places around in the dulwich area ...i was told ABOUT ONE CaLLED SMOKE CITY CYCLES AND WAS WARNED NOt TO GO THERE AS THEY ARE NO GOOD AND Have not got a clue how to repair a bike ....and the customer service is very very bad and they just con people...need to get betsy sorted asap as fares to work are working out high
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ads Wrote:


> Hi.

> I use FWR in kennington.

> Very good garage, they know there stuff.

I've used FWR before and they're great for tyres, can be a bit busy for services but all good.

Also used Bravos for some some jobs, they mainly deal with food delivery scooters but they also work with motorcycles

Bravos Motorcycles

193 Stanstead Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 1HP

020 8699 1952


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