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If anyone wants to use my Bulb link I will give ?30 to a charity of your choice. PM me for the link.

I've previously objected to the use of this forum as a money-making device by people who want to just publish their link and rake the money in. I think it's ugly. I don't know if my countermeasure is much less so, but think it's worth trying. I'll refer this post to Admin anyway, and if he wants to remove all Bulb offers, including mine, that's fine.

ETA: my post was, as can be surmised, in response to another one, now removed, in which someone gave their Bulb link. Since Admin hasn't removed mine I'll leave it up for the time being while I ponder.

The actual Bulb working is in fact:

"Get ?50 when you refer a friend to Bulb

Refer Bulb to your friends and you'll each get ?50. Just give them your referral link."

So I reserve the right to at least limit my offer to people I think I 'know' from their posts here, and don't feel uncharitably toward.

If no takers, fine. I might well remove this post sometime tomorrow anyway.

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I have not posted a link given my name bulb account no or any contact No or bulb website their is no way I can benefit from any one going to bulb however I did make an error I will save ?64.00 a year. Bob S

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