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Do you use Buildbase in Blackpool Road?


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Buildbase is a flagship store for small businesses and DIY people and one of the few left in this part of London. The Council's borough plans are for redevelopment of the site on both sides of Blackpool Road. This would mean the end of that store there.

The plans are coming up at the Public Hearings of the New Southwark Plan in the summer. If you have a view on the future of Blackpool Road or any other part of that area you will be welcome at the community meeting on Wednesday 4th March 7-8pm refreshments from 6.30pm at Peckham Palms in Bournemouth Close (between the Atwell Estate and Rye Lane, opposite Choumert Road).

We will give an update on the plans and the Public hearings at the meeting, and gather views of those present that we can add to our collection of local views to present to the Inspectors at the Hearing.

More info on the development plans are here: https://www.peckhamvision.org/wiki/Blackpool_Road

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