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A parent from Lyndhurst Primary tested positive

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It is deeply irresponsible to be posting patient related information that could identify them, including institutions they may or may not have connections with on social media.

How would you feel if it was you or a family member?

Do us all a favour and get deleting.

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For the vast majority (80% +) of patients the virus is mild - no worse than a heavy cold or flu - fewer need hospitalisation and those that are very ill tend to be older, male and with underlying illness apart from Covid 19. At least that is the epidemiology so far, although the sex bias may reflect Chinese experience - where older Chinese men are more likely to be smokers. The death rate figures (which are worrying, and worse than seasonal flu) may have been distorted by earlier under reporting of infection. Let's hope the local cases are (a) mild and (b) that self isolation has reduced the spread. People who are legitimate contacts have probably now been traced and alerted. Speculation as to identities seems pointless. Actually, those who have been identified aren't really the problem, it's those who are symptom-less with the disease who are.
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If a member of my family was tested positive I would inform friends and neighbours and would have no problem with any local institutions we were linked to being open and honest about the situation, in fact I would expect them to.

There are many families within the Crofton Road and Shenley Road area with parents who work at the hospital and who have children at both schools so I don't think there is any need to be precious about this.

If the numbers do rise then I would hope neighbours come together to help each other with food deliveries, prescription collections etc rather than feeling they need to keep the fact they have tested positive a secret because of how people will react.

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Penguin68 Wrote:


> Quickly, buy toilet roll!!!!!!


> Well, if you're using it to blow your nose into,

> or dry your hands having thoroughly washed them,

> well, I suppose, yes!

Prefer kitchen roll for that - it's a better size and slightly thicker (or seems to be)

edit: but maybe a bit more expensive (unsure) ?

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